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Marc Piette

Founder and CEO, Xwing

Dedicated to improving the way people and goods move worldwide, Marc Piette founded Xwing, the aviation technology company powering autonomous flight. Through Xwing’s efforts, Marc envisions a future in which smaller airports are better utilized not only to make use of existing infrastructure but bolster the economies of the small towns that surround them. Ultimately, these changes will improve the quality of life of communities in remote areas and smaller towns that, historically, haven’t received the same levels of access to goods and transportation services and options as those living in and around major commercial hubs.

A pilot himself, Marc successfully led Xwing to complete the world’s first fully autonomous cargo flight in 2021. During the demonstration flight, which, per FAA requirements, had a safety pilot onboard and a remote crew supervising the flight from the ground, the company’s automated Cessna left the gate, taxied, took off, flew a predetermined mission, then landed, and returned to the gate entirely on its own.

Marc leads a team of aerospace engineers, designers, and researchers building the next generation of airplanes at Xwing. Marc and his team are proving that advanced flight technologies like autonomy not only improves people’s access to more convenient, reliable and affordable regional transportation but can significantly reduce in-flight errors.