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Moritz Claussen

Founder & CO-CEO, Cargo.one

Since 2017, Moritz Claussen has been Founder and Co-CEO of cargo.one, steering the company’s global sales functions, marketing, customer support and airline partnerships. Prior to cargo.one, Mr Claussen has earned over a decade of commercial experience.

He previously co-founded and managed the financial technology company OptioPay, as its Chief Business Officer, in charge of operations and business development. In previous years, he was Co-Founder and Manager Director of retail trading platform Onjo, and was Business Incubator and Entrepreneur-In-Residence for a Gibraltar-based technology incubator. He held further roles at A.T. Kearney management consulting, Deutsche Bank and Beiersdorf. Originally from Germany, Moritz Claussen has lived, studied and worked across the globe in countries including Canada, China, Gibraltar and Spain. Moritz Claussen is a well known voice on the digitalization of air cargo, and frequent author and speaker for industry publications and events. As a ‘citizen of the world’, he travels extensively and is based wherever cargo.one is active globally.