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Sanjeev Gadhia

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Astral Aviation

Sanjeev S Gadhia is the Founder / CEO of Astral Aviation, which is an All-Cargo airline based in Kenya and operates a fleet of 14 Freighters from its Hubs in Nairobi, Johannesburg, Dubai and Liege into Europe, Middle East, Asia and within Africa.

Astral Aerial Solutions, which is the award-winning UAV Subsidiary of Astral Aviation, is the leader in drone technology and last-mile delivery using cargo-drones in East Africa.

In 2020, Sanjeev was appointed Chairman of AFRAA’s (African Airlines Association) Cargo & Route Network Committee and is currently Vice Chairman of TIACA (The International Air Cargo Association) and recognized for being the only Director from Africa

Sanjeev is rated as a “New Generation Leader for Africa” by the prestigious African Leadership Network and is a recipient of the “East Africa Innovation Leadership Award” from the World Federation of Innovation Professionals.